Kids Club

Kids Club: Sugar Wars

The Adventures of the USS SugarSwatter! Sugars are everywhere and the crew of the USS SugarSwatter are climbing on board. Their mission? To eliminate sugars wherever they lurk! Flossy and Buck McGrinn, Den and Gen Smiley, and their trusty pal K-9 are certainly up to the task. They know just how to fight the sugars that can cause cavities and poor oral health.

First, it’s important to avoid eating sugary snacks and instead make healthy food choices - like fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean proteins instead of sweet snacks like cookies, candy and cake. When our crew is thirsty, they opt for water to drink, rather than soda pop. Even so, they follow the “2min2x” rule. That’s code for “brush your teeth two minutes, two times a day.” Flossy, Buck, Den, and Gen know the importance of good dental habits to keep their smiles bright. They brush their teeth when they get up in the morning and again before they go to bed at night. They also floss once each day to clean the spaces in between their teeth. Because Den wears braces, he is especially careful about keeping his teeth healthy so he has a bright smile when the braces come off.

Do you want to join the crew of the USS SugarSwatter and fight for good oral health? Join in the fun by playing the games and completing the activities to learn how to take good care of your teeth. And remember the code“2min2x”! For a super smile and healthy mouth, brush your teeth two minutes, two times a day

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